Making Your Plans For Vacation


You ��ve been working all year long and now you’re planning your vacation. It’s possible that you don’t know all the details yet, but you’ve been expecting this period for too long and now it’s all that you can think about. When this happens, you need to have a clear mind, because the planning has to be perfect and you must not forget anything back at home. It will be a crazy period for about a week or so, when all you’ll do is think about what you will take with you in your bags, where will you go, where will you be staying and so on. To make this a lot easier for you, let’s see some tips for planning the perfect vacation. This way, not only will you have everything set right from the start, but you’ll make sure that you’ve taken everything that you need with you.



The Company



Well, you can go alone in a vacation, but it’s more interesting and fun if you go with a group of friends, your family or your significant other. If you go alone, you can go anywhere, but if you want to go with a group or with someone else, you will have to make sure that your schedules match – meaning, all of you will have to have some free time in the same period.



The Time Period



Now, as we’ve said about the time period – you can choose any season for going in a luxuriant vacation – don’t confuse luxuriant with luxurious, as the first one usually includes the second. However, you can find luxurious places no matter the season, and you can choose to go somewhere where it’s always winter and a lot of snow. However, the luxuriant places are those where you can bathe in the sun all year long and have not a care in the world.



The Location



The location is very important, as you can choose to go locally, but those are places that you might have seen already. If you want to go abroad, you can choose anything that your budget allows. If you want to invest in something, make sure you invest in seeing some places that you’ve never visited before. Asia is a good place to start with, as you’ve got available plenty of options, all of them worthy to be seen.



The Accommodations



Once that you know the area that you want to see, you can now check out to see what resorts or hotels are available there. It’s ideal to look online for reviews and prices before you decide on anything, no matter what you’ve heard from your friends. Usually, all of those places have a website with photos and details about what you can find there.



The Payment



Some resorts allow you to pay something in advance, this being actually a prior reservation. This way, you will be sure that your room will be waiting for you and the resort will be sure that you will come there. Make sure you use secure payment methods, or ask if you can make a money transfer from a bank or a financial institution. You need to know whom you send the money to, and a paypal account or any other online payment method doesn’t always tell you this.



The Luggage and Transport



Once you know where you will be going after booking with someone like our friends the Travel agency chihuahua also in Spanish Agencia de viajes chihuahua, it’s time to take care of the transport means. You can choose to go with the airplane, if you’re travelling abroad, or you can take your own car if you’re going locally. Make sure you make reservations for plane tickets if you choose to take the plane. The luggage needs to contain everything that you have to take with you in your vacation. Make a list with everything that you need, starting with the ID papers and ending up with personal hygiene items.  After you’ve placed any item in your luggage, just check it out from the list.Many of the tours based in Asia have been set around the same type of tours you would get with sicily private tours.



You can look at websites such as these guys offering bus tours washington dc style! They can help you understand what you need luggage-wise. Family friendly tours are one of the leading sightseeing tour companies in Washington dc cover major attractions in the city. Some of our tours are guided private allowing you to tour the way you want. We want to make your sightseeing pleasant and enjoyable. All tours are narrated by a on board tour guide giving historical information about the city. You can take our bus tour or choose from different vehicles we have limousine, suv, town car or passenger van. Our aim is to make your vacation or holiday a relaxing and pleasant stay. We will start by picking you up from your hotel and dropping you back after the tour is complete. What makes our tours different from the rest it’s in our name we are family friendly we take care of our entire guest in the best possible manner.


















Top Up Your Tan Before and After Vacation

Commercial Sunbed tanning

There are millions of people around the globe who have incorporated tanning into their lifestyles. One of the best ways to maintain your color during the winter season is purchasing commercial sunbeds Tanning is perfect alternative to applying UV light so that you can absorb more quantities of vitamin D. To maintain your glow, it is wise to top up your tan before and after the vacation. Here are simple tips for maintaining your tan without going through much hassle over the same.


It is wise to take a cold shower before you go for tanning. This will make your skin to become more moisturized and helps you to achieve a deeper tan. If you are going to take a shower immediately after undergoing tanning, you are highly likely to decrease the time that it will last as well as appearance. This is among the first steps that you need to complete besides exfoliation while preparing for a perfect glow.


To get a richer and deeper tan, it is wise to exfoliate before going for the same. In addition, this action will make your tan to appear deep and attractive. Make preparation for your tan by exfoliating. Apply a body wash when taking a shower or bath. With the help of your exfoliating cloth or clean brush, scrub different parts of your body gently in order to get rid of the old skin.

Some of the main areas to focus include heels, feet, wrists and feet just to mention a few of them. Once you are done with scrubbing the entire region, rinse it and then pat with a towel in order to dry the place as fast as possible.

If you want to realize a deeper scrub, you can use a body wash containing sugar or beads within it. L’ Oreal is among the leading brands when it comes to exfoliating products. The company has a very powerful exfoliating lotion that comes with an attached pad. The Body Shop is also among those manufacturers.


It is advisable to moisturize your body after leaving the shower room. This will help in maintaining your wonderful glow by making your skin to become moisturized with the help of special lotion. When looking for a lotion to help when it comes to moisturizing, you need to consider products without any amount of bronze element for your own good. To get the best moisturizing products, you can check online for better deals. You can take advantage of coupons and discounts to purchase high quality lotions without digging deeper into your pocket to pay for the same.

In conclusion, tanning has become a very popular practice among men and women of different ages. Before going for tanning ensure you take a shower. This will make you to realize better outcome at the end of the day. In addition, exfoliate your skin to attain a deeper and long lasting tan. Moisturizing is another effective way to attain amazing results. You can find the best moisturizing products online without breaking into the nearest bank.

Importance of Checking Visa Requirements Before Travel



Before embarking for the airport this mid year careful preparation is required so that when you finally sit back in your seat aboard the airplane anticipating your break you’ll realize that you have everything secured. Whether you are looking to go on a hobby holiday somewhere or to enjoy activities such as watersports, you will not want your plans ruined through lack of planning.

As with most things in life planning is the way to achievement. In this way, guaranteeing that you are in control of all necessary documents including passports, travel tickets, accommodation voucher and car employ confirmation is essential on the off chance that you are to avoid conceivable holiday troubles.

Additionally, planning can never be done too early, especially with regards to guaranteeing that your passport is still valid and whether you require a visa to enter the nation of your destination. Indeed, even nations that don’t require a visa for section may in any case not allow British passport holders into their nation if there is, say, under six months to expiry date of your passport. It is important that you know the immigration guidelines of the nation you are going to.

Also, the necessities for traveling to the USA have as of late changed. Britons traveling under the visa waiver program should now enlist on the web, at least 72 hours before departure, revealing their personal and travel details. Anyone arriving at the airport who has not pre-enlisted will be dismissed and kept from flying. This advice is especially relevant on the off chance that you are contemplating booking a last moment holiday. As payment is normally required in full for departures inside of 12 weeks your cash will be wasted on the off chance that you find that you cannot recharge a passport or register for travel in time!

Regardless of which nation you are traveling to, travel insurance is always a beneficial consideration. Ideally, similar to the majority of UK travelers overseas you won’t ever need to make a claim, yet the peace of psyche offered by being secured will ensure a stress-free holiday.

Most non-EU nations will demand payment for any medical expenses acquired and the majority of travel insurance approaches incorporate medical costs spread in the a great many pounds; certainly enough for almost any eventuality. On the off chance that traveling to EU nations recall to take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. Again, this should be requested in advance and normally takes up to 10 days before conveyance. Be that as it may, an EHIC card ought to be utilized as a part of conjunction with travel insurance and not as a substitute. Most safety net providers will offer motivating forces, for example, waiving abundances if possessing an EHIC card, so it merits getting one.





Whether you need visa pieczatki warszawa or any other tpye for whichever country you are visiting…always check that you are elgible for it.







The World’s Largest, Longest and Highest Buddhist Statues, Temples and Structures



One thing is for sure, whether you normally enjoy holidays in Europe, boat detailing Fort Lauderdale, or going on cruises, nothing measures up to the delights found in Buddhist countries.





There is no flame like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like indiscretion, there is no torrent like covetousness.” The Buddha

1. The Largest Carved Stone Buddha Statue in the World

The Buddha statue of Leshan is the tallest stone Buddha statue on the planet, carved out of a precipice face by an eighth century minister in southern Szechuan territory, China. The Buddha statue disregards the crossing point of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi streams and faces the sacred Mount Emei.

There is a local saying “The Mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain.”

This monster speaks to a sitting Maitreya Buddha appeared with his hands laying on his knees, looking across the stream – Maitreya is the representation without bounds Buddha who will appear when the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama have been overlooked. He was popular from 300 to 600 AD with his images being found all through the Buddhist world.

Development began in 713 AD by a Chinese minister named Haitong, longing that the Buddha would calm the turbulent forces that agitated the delivery vessels traveling down the stream.

With a specific end goal to calm the waters and save lives, Master Haitong, a Buddhist abbot of the Lingyun Monastery, raised the assets and began the development of the Giant Buddha.

On December sixth, 1996, it was approved by the UNESCO as the Heritage of World Culture and Nature and was officially gone into the World Heritage List.

2. The Largest Reclining Buddha Statue in the World

The world’s largest “resting” Buddha statue is at present being built in the Yiyang County of East China’s Jiangxi Province. This massive building was started on May first, 2002 and measures 68 meters high and is 416 meters in length. Before this the world’s longest leaning back Buddha statue was a negligible 97 meters in length and housed in the Chaukhtatgyi Temple in Burma’s capital city Yangon.

3. The Largest Buddhist Pagoda in the World

The largest pagoda on the planet is at Gorai Island in Mumbai, India, and is part of the Esselworld Amusement Park. It has the world’s largest man made arch combined with the largest rock cave on the planet. The undertaking was initiated by the Global Vipassana Foundation – a religious foundation set up to advance the Buddhist teachings.

4. The World’s Largest Buddhist Monument

Is situated in Borobudur which is located in Indonesia on island of Java, and took over a hundred years to work somewhere around 750 and 850 AD.

This magnificent sanctuary complex is made up of a three dimensional mandala (Buddhist diagram of the universe) and is visual representation of the Buddha’s teachings.

Sadly it was covered in ash and lost to the world after the ejection of a nearby volcano for quite a bit of its presence.

The sanctuary was rediscovered in 1814 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who had heard of the tale of a large strangely shaped slope located nearby and accepted by locals to be the site of an ancient sanctuary called Budur.

In 1835 that the site was cleared and some unobtrusive restoration was started. This was hampered when the Dutch pilgrims gave away 8 containers of sanctuary relics as endowments to the King of Siam who was going to Indonesia at the time. Somewhere around 1973 and 1984 a major program of restoration was started and the site is currently a major global destination for Buddhist travelers. In 1991 the sanctuary and its surroundings was recorded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.





The ways of the Buddhist following people is a very deep one, especially how they remember the people and gods in their history. We all have our own ways to remember, whether its througha memorial website online, through the placement of a statue or memorial or just through our memories.







How to Identify the Best Flight Search Engine?

Searching for air travel online

A great flight search tool

The best flight search engine is probably one of the best tools that a traveler must have in order to spot the best deals when booking a flight online.  When you do the search in Google using any terms related to flight, Google will give you bunch of travel sites and airlines’ websites.  If you search a flight using airlines’ websites, you will be limited to one airline offer alone.

For the purpose of comparing all flight offers from various airlines into one destination, what you need is the best flight search engine.   If you have one, you don’t need to visit each of those airline’s website.  You can do it comfortably in just one click and all available flights will be sorted out for you from cheapest to the most expensive one.

Flight search engine is also termed as metasearch engine used by many flight booking sites. Though, there are many flight search engines available online today, to find the best is really hard to do.   You need to at least use them one by one to know how it may perform.  For the purpose of saving money when booking a flight or Sicily private tours, the best flight search engine must satisfy the need of the searcher.













It means, it should not only bring out relevant result, but show the cheapest flight   available for a particular destination according to the details entered by the searcher.  To satisfy this requirement, a flight search engine with access to huge database of flights from all over the world, including budget airlines must be the best.

Based on my experience being a traveler, Jetradar fits this requirement. Jetradar has a network of 728 airlines ( including bunch of budget airlines) flying to hundreds of international destination all over the world. It crawls 200 online travel agencies and 67 online travel booking sites including other flight search engines that Google loves. The thing is, if you use Jetradar, you are in good hands with wider network, therefore having greater chance to find the cheapest flight.

What happens when you reach your destination?





Look for a very good transport company for example:





Algarve365 is an Expat owned company that specializes in Private Airport Transfers across the Algarve region. With over 12 drivers we have people that usually live in or around the areas you are traveling to, so plenty of hints and tips can be given along the way.





All admin is dealt with by Pete and Donna so if you are from the UK you will not have any communication issues either via phone, text or email. All bookings are done manually so you don’t have to deal with any of those nasty automation processes online which can drive you crazy!





We have vehicles ranging from normal cars which carry up to 4 passengers up to a 9 seat minibus which will carry 8 passengers. In the past we have catered for conferences, weddings and other big events. And if you are famous and wanting to slip by un-noticed then we have you covered here as well, discretion 100% assured. Check out Faro Airport Transfers for an example of one of the best companies in the business. 


















Asia Travel

The Beauty of Asia

Asia is full of wonders, and if you happen to have already visited the region, then you will already know that there is so much to explore. Once you have visited the world’s largest continent once, you will probably be addicted and crave more.

A great snippet from one of our readers:

Life is a beautiful journey if we start to slow down the phase we are running and pause to enjoy that beauty.

Blissful experiences is all about the passion for travel, happiness and exciting moments I would like to share with the rest of the world from my own little experiences.

Sometimes it is the most luxurious resorts in the world with the extravagant accommodation and pampering that make us go up the ladder of happiness while sometimes happiness is all about walking amidst greenery breathing in fresh air that surrounds you. So I let life take me to both extremes and share those blissful experiences with you so that you can also add those to your bucket list let it be an activity or traveling to another destination.

My blissful experiences are divided into travel, wellness, and lifestyle for easy access of my readers to choose the category they would love to explore with me such as the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.”

Driving in Asia

Many of the countries in Asia are confusing when it comes to driving. For example, in Thailand you drive on the left much the same as the UK. However, go just across the border to Cambodia and everyone is driving on the right. Move over to Japan, and you are back to the left side again. It takes some getting used to and in all honesty, you are probably better off just hiring a driver to get you from A to B if you are just on holiday – this way you will have the advantage of local knowledge getting you around, and you get to relax while you are on holiday and save your Mileage Expenses.

Check out more about Mileage Expenses here: tips coming from the experts.

Getting Around Asia by Air

Literally you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing an airline in Asia to fly with. Getting to Asia is one leg of the journey – Qatar Airways or Etihad Airways are probably the most popular airlines to use for inbound flights. As for international flights within Asia, you will need to choose one of the local airlines.

Air Asia has dominated the market, but Tiger Airlines is in fact currently one of the best airlines in the region for local Asian travel. The company has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and is now one of the most popular airlines. On board you can buy plenty of duty free in between hopping across islands and country in Asia.

Bargain Deals you Can Pick Up in Asia

Many of the Asian countries are renowned for their markets and cheap bargains. If you don’t fancy the Lion Air duty free or airport duty free deals, then you can easily be forgiven. From the markets of Sri Lanka to the markets of Thailand or even Japan and Hong Kong, there is always a bargain deal waiting there.

Look out for the best travel tripod and the ​​travel pants women on sale in one of the many Asian markets in the street. There are plenty of legit products for sale at knock down prices – plus you can pick up either replica or hand made products along the way. Literally in the Asian backstreet markets there are amazing deal to be had if you can find the right places to go.

Bangkok’s awesome markets are some of the best we’ve seen just because there are so many with an abundance of…. well pretty much anything you are able to get home. In some of the larger markets in Bangkok there is a postal service nearby just for those that want ship home a hand made rug or hand carved ornament! Truly – market shopping in Thailand is something that we highly recommend.



Other countries with great markets are of course Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Hong Kong; while, Japan has a good market scene, but the prices are not exactly what you would call a bargain when you compare the prices in other markets around Asia.





The Philippines also has a combination of markets and stunning beaches. A complete list of 49 beach resorts in Cebu, stay on a white beach with beautiful views of the clear blue sea at one of the many beach resorts, you can stay in paradise at the many Cebu resorts for only $50 per night.

























A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

One thing we have not done since we started this blog is give a big thanks to some of the people that have helped us make this happen.

We have to say thank you to our sponsors Vegas weddings and fishing Daytona beach who both have contributed to the making of this site possible. Both these contributors are big fans of fishing and organizing weddings in the US and also have extended their interests to Asia after they also fell in love with the Asian vibe.














Boutique Resort in the Heart of Thailand

Souchada Spa & Resort is one of the nicest hotels in Saraburi. It is just 2 hours away from the captital city and gives those looking for an alternative to the busy beaches just South East of Bangkok a 5-star accomodation to relax.

Cetainly the most regular visitors to this resort are Bangkokians that are looking for a weekend getaway without all the fuss, hustle and bustle of havng to get on a plane or beat the traffic to the beaches. Mostly we saw young businessmen that have been living and working in Bangkok on fatcat salaries being paid by the foreign companies that haved sent them to Bangkok to expand or overlook their South East Asian interests. Another set of clientele we noticed were those that are living in Bangkok running their own businesses.

The resort is easy to get to with just a 2 hour drive from the captial. I is perfect for a taxi ride if you don;t want to drive and the fee is just a mere 1,500 baht there and the same again on your return. That is the same rate many would pay travelling to Pattaya or even Hua Hin. The other distinct advantage to this journey whether you decide to drive or catch a cab was the fact that there was literally zero traffic on the way.

We actually visited the resort on a holiday weekend, whereby Monday was a holiday. From expereince of making the same 2 hour journey to Pattaya or Hua Hin the 2 hour drive has never actually turned out to be a 2 hour drive. Yes 2 hours to get to the beach, but then another hour or more to navigate the traffic on the busy roads in Pattaya city. This is not really what a weekend break is all about.

Another great side to the Souchada Spa & Resort that we really noticed was just how quiet the place is.

Really if you are looking to get a time out from yrban life, this is the place to come. Funny because a luxury trip to the countryside was not something that srpings up in your mind as a young man working in Bangkok. However, it turns out that this is one of my favourite places visit just beause you really do get maximum downtime.

The air is fresh, there is plenty of space to walk around, you can chat to other guests easily because the relaxed and friendly vibe, or just relaz in peace without being distrubed. The choice is really up to you. I indulged in the Spa, massage and suana; something I never do in Bangkok because I never really see the point of doing all that only to step out into the traffic and stress of what maybe a city of convinience, but is also a very muggy city. All though each to their own that is just me :-) In the end after an amazing time getting pampered and clearing out my skin, I felt like I was on another planet.

Then there is the food – the restuarants server some amazing food – totally affordable and really high class at breakfast time, lunchtime and dinner time. Plus, if you fancy trying some of the local cusine, then you can always take a quick trip out into the quiet town of Saraburi where there is an abundance of food stalls to choose from.

Weighing it all up – quiet, relaxing, luxury, healthy, and a chance to take a time out from reality and recharge the batteries! Find out more about Saraburi accommodation here.